Covering Your Online Enterprise with Business Insurance in Maine!

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With high unemployment rates across the country, more and more entrepreneurs are turning to online business to make their living. Online businesses run much differently from a brick and mortar establishment, especially when it comes to finding business insurance Maine can trust. Business owners should consider the following tips when determining their business insurance needs:

The types of goods and services you offer may help determine the type of coverage you need. Product liability is designed to cover any injuries your products may cause to buyers. Those who take credit card information may want to purchase professional liability insurance as well as insurance for identity theft.

When an online business offers a service such as graphic design, intellectual property insurance should be considered. This helps protect income in the event that sketches, concepts, or drafts are stolen or destroyed from online servers or cloud storage.

When you operate your business from home, remember to count computers and other home office items in your business insurance policy, not your homeowners policy. Online businesses are continuing to grow and see success. In some cases, with just a computer and the right business insurance, Maine business owners may be able jump start a new career!


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