At Cheney Insurance, making a difference means more than simply serving our customers to the highest possible standard.

We believe in doing things right.  And the right thing for us includes service to those who truly need our help, whether you’re talking about education, protecting the environment, encouraging healthy activities or supporting others who are less fortunate than ourselves.

We don’t want credit for this.  We want to spread our enthusiasm to lift the wellbeing of the citizens of Maine.

Giving Back

We live and raise our families in this beautiful state.  We can only try to give back as much as we have gained from it — sometimes in ways that might surprise you.

You’ll often find members of the Cheney team first in line to volunteer their time, commit their energy, raise funds for and donate to worthwhile causes in our state.  And, when it’s appropriate, we try to turn our commitment to others into a fun experience as well as a learning opportunity.

Check out this Bridge to Shore Films video of the recent CLC YMCA Back to School Bash.

The organizations our agency supports work hard to help children, the elderly, and people with special needs.  We think of it as enlightened citizenship.  After all, any of us might just need that extra boost from time to time.

Helping Hands

Just to give you a taste, our past and present sponsorship support includes:

There’s a lot more to do.  But by playing our small part in communities across the state, we hope and believe we’re helping to make a difference!