Knowing I can rely on and trust Cheney is important because making a claim means something went wrong and it’s usually a stress filled situation. Today I know that when Murphy knocks on my door, great help is nearby.
Alex Gaeth
Your entire staff are people oriented. I had a saying in my automobile business—It’s all in the Attitude—and the attitude at Cheney Insurance is top notch! I think “attitude” says it all.
Bill Ussery
Cheney Insurance moved quickly to send a check promptly so that I could have my car repaired within two weeks. They helped me to survive this experience, emotionally and financially, and my car is back to pre-accident condition!
Carol Blake
We have been extremely satisfied with Cheney Insurance Agency. They are responsive, expedient, and helpful, too.
David A Karp
Brittany, your timely attention to my dilemma reinforces once again the reason I’m with Cheney Insurance. Thanks again. Best, Jan
…ten or eleven years ago I sent a complimentary letter to your agency concerning your excellent service; nothing has changed, you continue to serve your clients exceedingly well.
John Gasparini
It is so comforting to know that our insurance needs are taken care of so efficiently. In so many aspects of my daily life I feel that I need to oversee every detail to make certain that things are being done. This is not so with my car and homeowner’s insurances. Thanks you for all of the care that you take on our behalf.
Karen and David Wilkins
The representatives that we have dealt with at Cheney Insurance Agency have always been courteous and professional. We are definitely satisfied customers!
Laurel Patten
We are extremely satisfied with the way our claims have been handled. The Cheney Insurance representatives have always been very helpful and efficient.
Eve Conlin
The staff at Cheney is very professional and responsive. They always exceed my expectations.
M. Kane
The help we have received from Cheney Insurance has been of the highest quality. The staff is consistently supportive and efficient. We feel very fortunate to have such a fine resource available!
Mark and Jane Biscoe
Cheney Insurance has always been good to me. There is nothing like using a “hometown” company for your insurance needs. I would recommend them to anyone.
Martha Reed
Over the many years that Cheney has been my insurance agent, their agents have been responsive, conscientious, and diligent. They always work hard to find the best, most appropriate and competitive prices. My auto insurance rates have consistently been lower than GEICO and AARP— and their agents actually do “get back to you”!
Marty Meltz
I have always enjoyed working with Cheney Insurance. Their knowledge and service is spectacular.
Melanie Reuman
Thank you Rosemary, your service was excellent as always!!!!!
Randi Williams
I enjoy the personalized care Cheney Insurance provides. It is comforting to have your own representative to call with your insurance concerns. It is a particular pleasure to work with a firm who is always willing and able to assist!
Roz Allen
Thank you, Thank you for assisting our salesman Declan from Casco Bay Ford with getting insurance on my new (to me) Ford Edge. The insurance card was ready when I picked up the car. It was effortless on my part. Thanks a million!
Linda Mitkus