Why You Need Liability Insurance for Your Golf Cart

Golf carts used in wedding ceremonies

Headline: ‘Drunken wedding guests may ruin island golf carts for everyone else’ – Bangor Daily News published on June 6, 2017.

From Peak’s Island.info.com:

Golf Carts are motor vehicles, not toys.  Many islanders view golf carts as a menace and will report infractions to the island police—who will pull you over and ticket you, lights, sirens, and all.”

Golf cart and low speed vehicle (LSV) use off the golf course is growing in popularity in Maine.  Many island and coastal communities are revisiting and drafting regulations regarding their use.  Golf cart rentals are provided at many of Maine’s larger campgrounds for guests.  Have you seen any around your neck of the woods?

Maine Golf Cart Rules

Golf carts and low speed vehicles are only registered for island use in Maine, there is a small fee and state regulations to follow if used on public roads.  Generally, the State of Maine leaves it up to local jurisdictions to pass ordinances governing their use.  Always check with your local authority first.  If you are using a golf cart on a golf course, campground, or within a private community make sure you are aware of their rules before you ride.

Most of the rules follow common sense safety practices, such as:Know the Rules for Golf Cart Use

Do not operate a golf cart under the influence

Do not let unlicensed drivers or children operate a golf cart

Follow Maine traffic laws

Be courteous

Do I Need Golf Cart Insurance?

This depends upon where and how it will be used.

Some Island communities have passed ordinances allowing golf carts on public roads with restrictions.  Maine law requires that any vehicle subject to registration for use on public roads to have liability insurance.

If you are using a golf cart for personal use on your personal property, you will need to check with your Insurance Carrier.  Most standard homeowner policies provide little coverage for golf carts especially if you leave the borders of your property.  If you regularly use it to visit your neighbor up the street or decide to trailer it to camp this year, consider a separate policy.

Perhaps the better question is …

What are the Benefits of Golf Cart Insurance?

These policies are often affordable and provides the liability coverage you need, such as:

    1. Property damage liability – if you are found legally at fault for an accident where your golf cart damaged someone’s property
    2. Bodily injury liability – covers costs related to an accident you are responsible for that injures someone other than a guest passenger.
    3. Guest passenger liability – covers medical expenses for a passenger injured while riding with you in your golf cart

You can also choose additional coverage options, such as:

    1. Comprehensive – helps pay for repairs or replacement if your LSV is stolen, vandalized or damaged in some way other than a collision
    2. Collision – helps pay for damage due to an accident regardless of who is at fault

You can customize your policy to include:Customized Golf Carts

    1. Custom parts and equipment – helps cover any customization you have made to your golf cart
    2. Roadside Assistance – may include towing, fuel and fluids delivery, basic emergency services, and more.
    3. OEM Parts Coverage – insures the use of original equipment manufacturer parts for repairs

Where Do I Start?

Whether you currently own a golf cart or are considering making a purchase of one, golf cart insurance can help protect you and your ride.  Give us a call and we can discuss what options are available for you.   We care about keeping you and your loved ones protected.

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