Author: Cheney Insurance

How Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Insurance Premium?

Have you heard that your credit score can affect how much you pay for insurance? As a consumer, you probably know everyone has a financial credit score — three of them, in fact — maintained by three major credit reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. These firms compile information from financial institutions and retailers including […]

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Get On Board With the Right Commercial Fishing Insurance

Commercial fishing – whether to harvest fish, lobsters or other marine life for sale or to take others on the water for their own fishing excursion – requires a comprehensive insurance plan that protects your physical assets as well as your finances. Before dropping a single net or taking on any passengers, you’ll want to […]

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Unique Insurance Considerations for a Historic Home

Many homebuyers dream of owning a piece of history. From charming historic districts to one-of-a-kind architectural gems, over 95,000 properties in the United States qualify for the coveted National Register of Historic Places. Historic homes are often located in sought-after neighborhoods, possess gorgeous design features, and qualify for tax credits. But these homes can be […]

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