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Why You Need Liability Insurance for Your Golf Cart

Golf carts used in wedding ceremonies

Headline: ‘Drunken wedding guests may ruin island golf carts for everyone else’ – Bangor Daily News published on June 6, 2017. From Peak’s “Golf Carts are motor vehicles, not toys.  Many islanders view golf carts as a menace and will report infractions to the island police—who will pull you over and ticket you, lights, sirens, and […]

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Rainstorm Home Maintenance

Summer thunderstorms can bring soothing sounds and usher in cooler temps, making for great sleeping weather.  They can also be far more severe bringing in torrential rain, powerful wind, and sometimes even hail, causing damage to our homes and surrounding property. While weather alerts can help us quickly prepare for an impending storm, preventative measures […]

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A Commitment to Caring

The Cheney Financial Group is comprised of three locally owned companies: Cheney Insurance, Newcastle Realty, and Newcastle Vacation Rentals.   Together we pool our resources and make collaborative decisions about requests for financial contributions and volunteer opportunities through our Charitable Giving and Community Outreach Committee.   Currently our committee is made up of eight CFG associates who […]

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COVID-19: Impact on Business & Personal Insurance Coverages

It has been a surreal couple of weeks for businesses and individuals alike and the COVID-19 outbreak has raised questions we never thought we would be answering. At Cheney Insurance, we are committed to you.  This situation is new to us too, so we are closely working with our carriers to identify and educate ourselves […]

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Our Relationship with You

This post is the last in a series that discusses how doing business with us, your local independent insurance agency, has value. First we explored how the relationships and contacts we develop with our insurance carriers help personalize our service to you. Then we talked about how we promote teamwork within our agency that is supportive […]

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Our Relationships Within Our Agency

Previously we discussed the value in doing business with a local independent insurance agency such as Cheney Insurance.  We add value to the service we provide to you by building positive professional relationships with the insurance carriers we represent. Just as vital are the positive professional relationships we build with one another.  Courteous and respectful service […]

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