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Clean Gutters Can Prevent Costly Home Damages

Gutters can be easy to overlook. But they can get clogged with decaying leaves and other organic matter, leading to damage and expensive repairs that your home insurance won’t cover. Inspecting and cleaning your home’s gutters is crucial Here are some top reasons gutter maintenance is a big deal for your home and budget. Prevents […]

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Why an Insurance Company’s Credit Rating Matters

Insurance companies transfer individual and business risk for a price. They crunch numbers and calculate risk scenarios to develop pricing strategies that balance profits and payouts. Profits allow insurance companies to manage their cash so it’s available when their customers make claims. An insurance company’s ability to pay its debts and claims makes it stable. […]

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What Are Some Common Exclusions on Auto Insurance Policies?

There are three primary components of auto insurance.  Depending on where you live, some may be mandatory and others may be optional. Liability — Pays expenses related to bodily injury to another person or property damage caused by your vehicle Comprehensive — Reimburses any damage or replacement required for your own vehicle due to incidents […]

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Hazards in Your Home Storage Areas

Many American families have an accumulation of stuff in their homes: gasoline cans, spare oil, half-containers of antifreeze, fertilizer, yard pesticides and other materials all compressed together into one poorly ventilated space. This creates the perfect conditions for vapors, chemical reactions and combustibles like cardboard boxes to accumulate, heat up and ignite. As you think […]

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March 2021: Roaring in Like a Lion

Roaring in like a Lion

Midcoast Maine has recently been battered by a series of powerful storms with damaging winds.  Many residents lost power or are pleasantly surprised that they didn’t.  Driving around you cannot help but notice many felled trees, but also the tree service crews that are a welcome sight. Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Tree Damage? There is […]

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5 misconceptions about life insurance (and the truths you need to know).

Most of us don’t spend much time dealing with life insurance; it’s a “get it and forget it” kind of product. And since life insurance often seems complicated, it’s not surprising that we get some of the details wrong. Here are five misconceptions that many people have about life insurance — and the truths to […]

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