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9 Snowblower Safety Tips for Homeowners

When winter arrives, dumping inches or even feet of white stuff in your neighborhood, a snowblower can be a handy tool. While you still have to go outside and clear your property, a snowblower spares you from the back-straining (and sometimes heart-attack-inducing) labor of shoveling snow. While a snowblower can make quick work of clearing […]

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Motorcycle Winter Storage Tips

If you live in a climate with snowy winters, you’ll most likely be putting your motorcycle away for the season. Your bike is an investment of your finances and your time, and it’s important to think about keeping it clean and safe while the weather is cold and snowy.  When you prepare your motorcycle for […]

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Is Vehicle Damage From Rodents Covered by Personal Auto Insurance?

Many people get auto insurance for protection against collision losses. What many drivers don’t know is that a policy written for collision doesn’t necessarily cover damage from animals and other non-collision incidents, such as vandalism, earthquakes, floods and even objects falling from space. For those, you need comprehensive coverage, or “other-than-collision” insurance. Rodent damage typically […]

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