Let’s consider this scenario

You purchase your first car from a local dealer…let’s say a Pontiac Grand Am.  You love your car.  It may not the fanciest model, but it is yours.  Five years later, you know how to drive it in a variety of weather conditions, including the snow and how to back into tight parking spots.  You have also made the final payment on your vehicle.  Thus adding those dollars into your budget.  You begin to think of other ways to save. Bingo! You can call your agent, remove collision and comprehensive coverage, request state limits, and there are even more dollars back in your pocket!

Before you get around to calling your agent

After dark that evening, you are on your way home.  About five miles from your driveway, a full grown deer comes hurdling toward the vehicle seemingly out of nowhere.  Hitting an animal is always a bit traumatic, but you were not prepared for the loud bang, the shattered windshield. It really shook you up. Luckily, you were able to stay in control of the vehicle.  You didn’t swerve and immediately hit the brakes. Fortunately, you are not injured, but the impact did damage to your just paid off vehicle.

The next day you call your insurance company.  You knew you had full coverage, but what did that really mean?  Thankfully, your independent agent at Cheney Insurance walks you through the claims process step by step.  You need to get photos of your car and arrange to drop it off at your local body shop.  You have coverage to get a rental, your claim falls under comprehensive, and your deductible was less than you thought.  Wow!  You are thankful you didn’t change a thing to your policy and it was reassuring to speak with a knowledgeable agent who answered your questions.

All’s well that ends well

With over 3,000 deer crashes reported each year in Maine, the above scenario is not that far fetched.  November just happens to be Deer Collision MonthCheck out this MaineDOT publication on driving safely.

If you have any questions regarding your automobile insurance policy and what it covers please give us a call.