Frozen Pipes! Are you covered?

Busted Pipe Location

Within a few days her landlord’s agent phoned to set up a time for the adjuster to come out and assess the damage and see if it was a covered loss.  She was confused; thinking surely it is covered.  This is where frozen pipes can get tricky.  Most policies cover damage from a burst pipe, but if your pipe froze and burst, you need to prove that you properly maintained heat in your home.  Prior to the adjuster arriving, she was told to have proof that she maintained heat and electricity.  She thought, this guy must be crazy!  It has been so cold of course we have had electricity and heat!  Fortunately, she had all receipts of fuel deliveries and could easily access her CMP account to prove she was properly maintaining heat in the house.


Frozen pipes are a problem each year when we begin to dive into freezing temperatures. Most folks assume that they are automatically covered.  Having an independent agent to help you understand what your policy does and does not cover is as valuable as having the insurance itself.

If you have questions or think you may need more coverage, contact your agent today! Don’t wait until you’re standing in inches of water trying to find the shut off valve.

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