Rainstorm Home Maintenance

Summer thunderstorms can bring soothing sounds and usher in cooler temps, making for great sleeping weather.  They can also be far more severe bringing in torrential rain, powerful wind, and sometimes even hail, causing damage to our homes and surrounding property.

While weather alerts can help us quickly prepare for an impending storm, preventative measures such as regular maintenance checks will keep you prepared when severe weather hits.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. SUMP PUMPS – make sure any sump pumps in your home are working to avoid basement floods
  2. MONITOR CONDITION OF ROOF – check your attic, ceilings and roofs for leaks regularly.   Do you have a leak only when the wind blows from a certain direction?  Have it repaired.
  3. CLEAN DIRTY GUTTERS – to ensure proper drainage and avoid flooding
  4. LOW LYING HOME – if your home is in a valley, below sea level or near water, know your risk.  You can determine if you live in a flood-prone area by entering your address into the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood mapIf it is, take every precaution to prepare for flooding and consider flood insuranceIf it isn’t, you should still regularly assess any potential for flooding as this can change over time.
  5. MAINTAIN PROPERTY –  address any risks that may be posed by trees located on your property – you can read our blog post A Windy March Afternoon that answers questions about tree damage.
  6. HAVE A PLAN – for fixing any potential damage to your home, it is best to be proactive and remove these risks before an impending threat.  It is equally important to have a storm safety plan in place such as this step-by-step guide.

 An important and sometimes overlooked consideration is to know what your insurance policy covers.  Taking the time to understand your policy is essential in making sure you have proper coverage, the talented staff at Cheney Insurance can help with this.  Your home may be the biggest investment in your lifetime.  Your insurance policy should be a solid one and have you and your loved ones covered. 

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