Your Local Independent Insurance Agency

Hundreds of millions of advertising dollars are spent by national direct insurance carriers (State Farm, Geico, Farmers Insurance…) telling you that switching will save you money.  Creative advertising may entertain us, but are there real savings?

We believe there is greater value in doing business with a local independent agency like Cheney Insurance.

Industry Standards

A couple of things to consider when evaluating your insurance needs:

First, most insurance carriers are using the same formulas to determine risk and calculate rates:

  • factors that affect premiums, including claims and payment history, follow you as the purchaser
  • factors, such as natural disasters, affect how insurance rates are set regionally and globally

Secondly, most insurance carriers offer similar:

  • policy credits – for example home security devices
  • bundling – discounts for combining home and auto
  • different deductibles

The Value Advantage

Merriam Webster dictionary defines value as:

  1. the monetary worth of something market price
  2. a fair return or equivalent in goods, services, or money for something exchanged
  3. relative worth, utility, or importance
We believe positive relationships add value.

In other words, there is an exchange that is useful and produces good for all.

Our goal is to provide value to you as a customer by personal and professional service. We consider it a privilege to work with you and to earn your trust.

Your Local Independent Agency

Over the next couple of blogs we will show that partnering with us, your local independent insurance agency, has great value to you.

We will discuss the relationships we have with:

  • our Insurance Carriers 
  • one another – in a cooperative working environment
  • you, our customers

Stay tuned as we dig deeper into what these relationships look like.