Our Relationship with You

This post is the last in a series that discusses how doing business with us, your local independent insurance agency, has value.

First we explored how the relationships and contacts we develop with our insurance carriers help personalize our service to you.

Then we talked about how we promote teamwork within our agency that is supportive both professionally and personally.  We believe that how we treat one another directly impacts how we treat you.

Finally, we consider ourselves to be your neighbor.  It is our privilege to work with you and to earn your trust.  Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service.

Relationship Challenges & Customer Service Complaints

Good customer service is to the success of any business as good communication is to the success of any relationship.  Both happen to be a challenge to get consistently right.

Here are three common customer service complaints that always make the top ten: rude or indifferent customer service representatives, long hold times, and lack of follow up.

This is why at Cheney teamwork is a top priority.  We want to ensure that we provide friendly, courteous and timely service.  As your neighbor, we want you to be welcomed when you contact us and satisfied with that experience.  Our team works together so that we can all achieve this goal.

Community Connections

Mid Coast Maine is made up of many small towns, villages and rural communities. These are the neighborhoods we live in and care about.

Our Community Involvement Committee coordinates volunteer opportunities for staff and Cheney Companies Financial Group’s annual charitable donations.  In addition, we are involved with several business to business groups.

Our favorite community connection is our annual customer appreciation day.  We host a cookout at our office and serve our customers in a completely different capacity.  Read last year’s press release here.

We believe that being actively involved in our communities helps us understand the varied and unique insurance needs of our clients.  And more importantly, helps us to get to know you better.

Stay Connected

We love when customers stop in just to say hi! or to show off a new grandbaby!  Good old fashioned neighborliness.

In an increasingly tech-savvy world, the telephone is still one of the most important means of communication between a business and its customers.  Our phone system is designed to answer every call.

Stay connected by checking out all our social media platforms: facebook, twitter, linkedIn.  Are you interested in joining our email mailing list?  Please let us know, we send out invites to events such as our annual customer appreciation day as mentioned above.

Thank you for choosing Cheney to service your insurance needs.  We value all our relationships.